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5 Best Online Veterinarians in India

best online veterinary doctor in India

No matter what type of pet you have, online veterinary offerings are a brilliant way to cope with issues that do not warrant an emergency visit to your neighborhood vet.

If you have ever fallen down in a search, trying to determine if your puppy's health is normal, you definitely need to give an online vet visit a try.

With veterinary telemedicine, you communicate to a vet over text, phone, or video chat to get real-time recommendations on what you need to do with the puppy.

It's now no longer a substitute for ordinary in-workplace visits, maximum online vets are capable of providing valuable suggestions to improve your pet’s condition.

The coronavirus pandemic made these teleservices vital, and we assume that this tradition will go on even after the pandemic is over.

Many Online Vets have risen over the past few years all across the world and choosing a good and qualified vet from hundreds of veterinarians out there turns out to be very stressful especially when you need to consult one immediately.

And for this reason, we’ve come up with a detailed list of the best online veterinarians who can provide the best appropriate treatment for your pet.

Before deciding on our top choices for the first-rate online pet care and veterinary offerings, we targeted 3 key factors which might be typically most vital to pet owners looking for online puppy care, such as the offerings provided, whether or not they're to be had on an on-demand basis and the way they can speak with veterinarians.


As many pet owners flip to online vets during non-enterprise hours like weekends and holidays, it was essential to discover offerings that might be on hand 24/7, 365 days a year.


When seeking out the nice online pet care and veterinarians, we took a close examination of the scope of offerings they provide. We prioritized services that supplied different kinds of offerings, such as consultations, training, dietary counseling, medicinal drug delivery, and more so that you can get all of your pet healthcare needs to be met in a single place.

Communication methods

Communication is key, specifically while explaining what's in poor health to your puppy. We targeted offerings that provide a couple of conversation methods, such as video chat, telecel smartphone call, stay chat, and email.

Top 5 Online Veterinarians in India

Here is the list of the top 5 veterinarians in India that we believe are the best in India. You can connect with these veterinarians online through online chat, audio, and video call.

A graduate from the college of veterinary science, GADVASU, Ludhiana which has been ranked the best veterinary institute of India, duly registered with Punjab Veterinary Council.

The consulting veterinarian is the youngest veterinary doctor in India to open a chain of veterinary clinics. He has been actively participating in and organizing free camps and seminars in various institutions for raising awareness about pet and public health.

With over 5 years of experience, Dr. Anirudh Mittal, the primary veterinarian at Pupkitt specializes in treating all kinds of issues that arise in your pet. Know more about doctors at Pupkitt.

Pupkitt is one of the most trusted veterinary services providers in India with a motto to make these services accessible not only in urban but rural areas as well and to make it easier and comfortable for pet parents to take care of their pets.

Pupkitt puts in the best efforts to bring to you a bag full of solutions to every niche of your pet problems and to help you make them feel healthy and happy. The combination of language of love along with expertise in the field is what makes it stand out from the queue especially from veterinary doctors online.

Pupkitt provides online consultation with vets having 5+ years of experience at a price as low as INR 200, continuing it with a free 2-day follow-up for all types of online vet services. Know more about the services and pricing plan.

Dr. Pritish Rath (B.V.Sc. & A.H, M.Vsc)

Veterinarian at PetButty

An experienced Veterinary Consultant & Surgeon, expertise in Veterinary Surgery, Radiology, Preventive Care, Vaccination, Nutrition, Wound care management, Deworming, and Anesthesia monitoring.

Specializes in treating canine, feline, avian, and small pets. He is also a member of the Indian Council of advanced canine practice.

PetButty is a trusted online pet Supplies store headquartered in Chennai. PetButty will help you find the most suitable dog food, treats, supplements, toys, dog accessories, and not just for dogs but also for cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles, & aquatic animals.

Knowing the significance our pets play in our lives, they help pet lovers find the best dog food, cat food, fish food, bird food, treats, accessories, shampoos, toys, supplements, grooming products for dogs, cats & other pets, supplements, toys, and other essential pet products.

Petbutty’s priority is to provide you with the best for your pets. They only procure products from reliable sources for dogs, cats, and birds, not just for dogs, cats, and birds but also for other smaller pets like Rabbits, hamsters, Guinea Pigs, and aquarium pets.

This is the reason it can be considered a reliable pet shop online. Though it’s a great place to buy pet supplies, one cannot opt for a video-call appointment.

Dr. Santosh Sahu (Ph.D., PG & B.V.Sc & AH)

Veterinarian at Drwaggers

As a veterinary doctor by profession and a passionate animal lover, his passion for animals, the voiceless beings, continues to become stronger every day.

He strives for a strong veterinary infrastructure in India that aids in animal health and welfare.” Online vet consultation with brings me closer to my goals”, says Dr. Sathosh Sahu.

Drwaggers brings to all the pet parents and animal lovers a unique online vet consultation platform to find answers to their concerns related to their pets’ health, diet, and behavior.

The veterinary doctors online try to offer high-quality, easy, and affordable veterinary consultation services. We understand your love for your pets, who are much more than family members to you.

At the same time, they know your helplessness when you just can’t help your pet and have to see them suffer.

Drawbacks of Drwaggers include the exemption of follow-up after consultations.

Dr. Pallabi Bhagawati

VetCoachLive Veterinarian, Philanthropist, Columnist

VetCoachLive is the brainchild of Dr. Pallabi Bhagawati. After completion of her BVSc & AH degree from Assam Agricultural University, Dr. Pallabi joined as Assistant Veterinary Surgeon with IFAW-WTI. Later she worked with World Animal Protection, Agriculture Technology Management Agency, and the prestigious Tata Trust of India.

She worked in a diversified field of wildlife management, disaster management, livelihood management wherein she was associated with activities like wildlife conservation, treatment of pet and wild animals, and farming in various world destinations of Asia and Oceania.

Her core competencies are Veterinary Paediatrics, Dermatology, Nutrition, and Behaviour.

According to Dr. Bhagawati, there is a strong need for awareness among Pet Parents on scientific management and nurturing of Pets. In most of cases, mismanagement due to a lack of fundamental scientific knowledge leads to the development of various disorders in pets.

VetCoachLive is India’s Online Veterinary Health Care Consultation Service launched in February 2018. Experienced veterinarians designed VetCoachLive to provide immediate, personalized, and expert answers to your concerns.

Available 7 days a week, VetCoachLive answers questions regarding your pet's health, hygiene, food, training, behavior, and more.

For a nominal fee, VetCoachLive will help look after your pet without any hassles.

However, the exact fee and the terms and conditions of an online consultation are not mentioned.

Dr.Karthika Sanal (BVSc & AH, MVSc Vet Pathology)

Veterinarian at Petpal

Petpal is an online Vet consultancy platform headquartered in Jubilee Hills, Telangana. They also provide home consultation services at a very reasonable price.

They expertise in Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits, Turtles, Guinea pigs, Cattle, and other Exotic pets.

Taking this further, they have also established an app for users to shop for pet essentials and medicines prescribed.

Many annual vet care plans are also introduced on their website which seems perfect for new pet parents.

Unfortunately, there’s no proper follow-up after consultation and suggestive blog articles to instruct pet parents.


An online veterinarian service cannot replace an in-person veterinarian.

These services are primarily meant to supplement the healthcare your pet normally receives from their regular vet, and provide you with answers and guidance in situations when you are unable to contact your vet.

We hope this helped you out to find the right veterinarian for your pet.


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