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Care At Home

Want your pet checked up at home? Call Pupkitt Home Services and get the best pet care services in Ludhiana at your doorsteps.

Home visit by a vet

Who Are We

Pupkitt Pet Care is a chain of pet clinics in Ludhiana that provide quality pet care services to solve the pet health problems which arise due to poor management of pets and wrong treatment done by unqualified doctors.

Recently we started online and doorstep veterinary services to make it easier for pet parents to take care of their pets during the corona pandemic.

Our Services At Your Doorstep

Get Hassle-free pet care services at your doorstep


Pet Medical Services

Providing all pet related Medical treatments and services.



Bought a new puppy? Get him vaccinated at affordable cost.

Pet Grooming Services

Our professional groomers make sure that your pet looks stylish all the time.

Diagnostic & Laboratory Procedures

Our in house laboratory is fully equipped to provide various tests.

Pet Management Services

We also have pet management 

services such as dog hostels just in case you need one.

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Our Happy Clients

What Pet Owners Say About Us

"Very Professional"

Soft spoken doctor with great knowledge. Thank you Dr. Anirudh Mittal for treating my pet.

Nitin Sharma

"Great Service"

I booked Pupkitt Home consultation service for my pet vaccination. I must say they provide quality pet care services at genuine pricing.

Ramandeep Singh

"Kind & Loving"

Pupkitt pet care doctors are very polite and down to earth. They know how to keep your pet healthy & happy.

Rajesh Goyal

Use Coupon Code "Pupkitt10" During Checkout for 10% Off

Contact Us

Call Us

Sunder Nagar: +91 8699300300

Civil Lines: +91 8699000557

Hours of Operation

       Sundar Nagar: 8 am - 10 am

                             5 pm - 8 pm

             Civil Lines: 9 am - 2 pm  

                               4 pm - 9 pm  

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