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Best Online Pet Care & Vet Service Provider In India

If you’re looking for expert veterinarian advice without having to spend your time and money visiting your vet’s clinic — and especially if you’re self-isolating during the COVID-19 crisis — what are your options?

Fortunately, there are several reliable and surprisingly affordable services online that connect you with vets who can evaluate your pet’s situation and give treatment advice without the need for in-person visits. Read on to learn which ones are your best options.

Why choose an Online Vet?

Although Vets come under the list of essential services during this pandemic, most of the pet parents are turning to online veterinarians. But why?

The answer is quite simple: Being able to consult with a veterinarian from the comfort of your home is not only safe and convenient, but it can also allow for less stressful veterinary exams and quicker care for your pet.

But wait, Will I require a bunch of complicated computer equipment to take up the benefits of this revolutionary form of vet care? Good question.

In reality, the technology needs of a virtual vet are quite basic. In fact, most laptops, tablets, or even smartphones are perfectly capable of conducting a telehealth appointment.

Still not convinced? Check out these benefits as well.

Benefits of online veterinary care

We’ve all faced this situation: We go through the hassle of scheduling the appointment and hustle-bustle involved in maintaining your pet at the clinic, only to have the vet say, “Let’s just keep an eye on it,” or advise simple ways to take care of what’s ailing your four-legged friend at home.

Such simple queries regarding your pet can be easily answered without requiring a formal visit. Online veterinarians can counsel pet owners about parasite prevention, diet, grooming, exercise, behavioral issues, and other topics


A virtual veterinarian can also help you out if there's confusion: whether to bring your pet in an emergency situation or take a “wait and see” approach.

Additionally, online vets are great to opt for when all that needs to be done is getting your prescription refilled, in other words: A follow-up for the previous appointment.

If you choose an online vet, here’s an idea of what to expect when it comes to paying the bill.

How Much Does Virtual Pet Care Cost?

There isn’t much data available when it comes to the comparison of online vets and traditional clinics.

But, in general, Online vets are quite pocket-friendly and cut down up to 40% of the price charged for an in-office visit. Sometimes the service is free, particularly if you just have a question.

In India, the cost of an online vet can differ between INR 200 and INR 1000, mostly depending on the time limit and services co-offered.

What Are the Drawbacks of Online Vet?

Online vets aren’t desirable for all of your veterinary needs. Broken bones, thorough examinations, blood draws, and plenty of other sorts of clinical testing can not be executed through an online vet.

Nevertheless, online vets are bringing their offerings to an entire variety of new people, and of course, they are four-legged friends. And retaining your pets happy and healthy is, in the end, what it’s all about.

Ready to attempt an online veterinarian for yourself? Here are the top 5 online vets in India.

Criteria-based selections

While researching for this article, we’ve put up a few benchmarks. And they include:

  • Whether services are offered partially or completely online

  • Ease of use

  • Fees

  • Extra services, like blogs, articles, and instructional videos

Keeping these standards in mind, we've come up with a thorough list of the best online veterinary services in India for anyone trying to find such vets.

The Best Online Pet Care & Vet Service Provider In India

First on the list comes Pupkitt Pet Care clinching the Overall best Online Vet title.

It is one of the most trusted veterinary services providers in India with a motto to make these services accessible not only in urban but rural areas as well and to make it easier and comfortable for pet parents to take care of their pets.

Pupkitt puts in the best efforts to bring to you a bag full of solutions to every niche of your pet problems and to help you make them feel healthy and happy. The combination of language of love along with expertise in the field is what makes it stand out from the queue especially from veterinary doctors online.

They bring to the table, the latest methodology and technology to walk hand in hand with the developing time.

Pupkitt provides online consultation with vets having 5+ years of experience at a price as low as INR 200, continuing it with a free 2-day follow-up for all types of online vet services. Know more about the services and pricing plan.

Setting these aside, Pupkitt also provides free video content featuring Dr.Anirudh Mittal (founder at Pupkitt) on various pet issues every week on their Youtube channel comprising over 13000 members. Answers to small queries posted by people in the comments section are given at absolutely no cost.

Interesting blogs and articles are also posted out on the website on a regular basis suggesting and helping out pet parents with their queries.

Making it out to the second position on our list is Petpal.

Petpal is an online Vet consultancy platform headquartered in Jubilee Hills, Telangana. They also provide home consultation services at a very reasonable price.

They expertise in Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits, Turtles, Guinea pigs, Cattle, and other Exotic pets. Taking this further, they have also established an app for users to shop for pet essentials and medicines prescribed.

Many annual vet care plans are also introduced on their website which seems perfect for new pet parents. However, there’s no proper follow-up after consultation and suggestive blog articles to instruct pet parents.

Next in our ranking is drwaggers.

Drwaggers brings to all the pet parents and animal lovers a unique online vet consultation platform to find answers to their concerns related to their pets’ health, diet, and behavior.

Drwaggers is committed to helping pet parents and stray rescuers in gaining better knowledge and expert guidance.

One interesting feature to notice in drwaggers is the type of pricing plans which are ranged specifying the customer needs.

Unfortunately, a pet parent cannot opt for a video call appointment with the vet.

Next up on the list is Petbutty.

Petbutty is yet another online platform, you can consider for online veterinary services. By expanding their services by including online vets, Petbuddy strives to give Indian pet parents the appropriate pet advice.

One can explore and buy a wide range of quality food products, pet supplies, and accessories for dogs, cats, fishes, and other small animals at affordable prices from their online store.

Though online veterinary services are provided at a reasonable price, Petbutty lacks video-based content.

Last on our list is Vet Coach Live

Experienced veterinarians designed VetCoachLive to provide immediate, personalized and expert answers to Pet concerns. A wide range of online vet services are provided including:

  • Online Pet Health Consultation

  • Pet Behavior Consultation

  • Pet Skin and Coat Care

  • Pet Housing Consultation

  • Diabetes, Thyroid and Obesity Care for pets

  • Online Second Veterinary Opinion

Not providing a correct consultation fee is the major drawback of Vet Coach Live.

Final Verdict

While an online vet appointment can not be considered a substitute for an in-person visit, it can be a great way to get answers quickly or determine whether or not you need to rush to the vet’s office.

The best online veterinarians offer access to certified medical professionals, whether through text-based chats, video visits, or a question-answer submission system.

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