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Best Parvo treatment for your pet

Consult a vet online & give your pet the best care to fight parvovirus


Our Parvo Treatment Services

Consult with expert veterinarians having more than 5+ years of experience

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Parvovirus Prevention & Treatment

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Second Opinion

Consult our online veterinary doctor for parvo medical treatment & services. Pet-health is our priority, and we would do our best to save your pet from this deadly disease.

Consult an experienced vet and Know about the benefits of the parvo vaccinations and also in advance, the future vaccinations for your pet. Also get the best advice on treatment for parvovirus.

is your pet's health deteriorating with parvo day by day? Buy Anti-Parvo serum and increase your pet's chance of survival. Reach us on 8699300300 for Anti Parvo Serum & get it delivered to your nearest veterinary clinic or at your doorsteps.

Second thoughts crossing your minds over an already ongoing treatment of parvo for your pet? We are here to help you. Contact us for a second opinion and get relieved from the worrying thoughts.

Know more about Parvo 

Parvo virus In dogs: symptoms, treatment & precautions 

Parvo in dogs is a fatal disease. This video explains everything about Parvo treatment, symptoms, and precautions.

Parvo virus infection treatment & cost in India ​

The cost of parvo treatment is highly variable. This video will give you the idea of parvovirus treatment in dogs. Parvo in puppies is highly fatal and parvo treatment at home is not possible.

What Pet Owners Say About Us

पहले दिन तो ऐसे लाया था जैसे "DEAD BODY" होती है | Parvo Virus Recovery Story @Pupkitt Pet Care

Although Parvo Viral is a deadly disease, still there is hope for recovery. Here we have the story of a 6-month-old Tyson who was saved within 6 days of treatment.

"Very Professional"

 I consulted with their Vet online and to my surprise, the experience turned out pretty well. I was worried whether this is the right way but today my 2 years old golden retriever is all healthy and fit. Thank you Pupkitt.

Vivek Kumar

"Great Service"

Pupkitt is surely the best online vet service available in India. I had an online consultation scheduled with pupkitt. With them, my pet is in the best hands.

Abhinav Sharma

"Amazing Result"

Amazing response and result. My pet’s behavior changed drastically in a positive sense after a few online vet consultations with Dr. Anirudh Mittal.

Ankit Garg

Ask Veterinary Expert

Schedule your online vet consultation today and come join our family of 1000+ happily satisfied pet parents who took treatment for parvovirus from us. Let us serve you and make you count our strengths over other available online pet doctors.

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Who Are We

Pupkitt Pet Care is a chain of pet clinics that provide top-notch quality pet care services in India to solve pet health problems that arise due to appalling management of pets and the wrong treatment given by unqualified and inexperienced persons.


We are one of the most trusted veterinary services providers in India with a motto to make these services accessible not only in urban but rural areas as well and to make it easier and comfortable for pet parents to take care of their pets. 

We at Pupkitt put in our best efforts to bring to you a bag-full of solutions for parvovirus treatment to every niche of your pet-problems and to help you make them feel as healthy and happy. The combination of language of love along with expertise in our field is what makes us stand out of the que especially from veterinary doctors online.

The consultation for pets requires deep knowledge and understanding to receive correctly whatever is being communicated to them. We bring to the table, the latest methodology and technology to walk hand in hand with the developing time.

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