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Consult with expert veterinarians having more than 5+ years of experience

Pet Health

Consult an online veterinary doctor for Medical treatments and services. Pet-health is our priority, but to treat them professionally, keeping our best hands at service is our highest priority.

Pet Vaccination

Got a new pet? Consult a vet online in India. Know the benefits of the vaccinations and also in advance, the future vaccinations for your pet through our online vet consultation.

Pet Behaviour 

Consult an online pet doctor and know about pet behavior. Our expertise allows us to provide you with the best remedies to deal with the swinging mood or any kind of unexpected behavior.

Pet Training Advice

Second Opinion 

Almost every pet, especially dogs, needs training. But, you cannot blindly trust your pet into the hands of anyone randomly. We brief you about the best training programs & let you decide what is perfect for your pet.

Second thoughts crossing your minds over an already ongoing treatment for your pet? We are there to help you out. Contact our veterinary doctor online for a second opinion and get relieved from the worrying thoughts.

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What Pet Owners Say About Us

"Very Professional"

 I consulted with their Vet and to my surprise, the experience turned out pretty well. I was worried whether this is the right way but today my 2 years old golden retriever is all healthy and fit. Thank you Pupkitt.

Vivek Kumar

"Great Service"

Pupkitt is surely the best online vet service available in India. I had an online consultation scheduled with pupkitt. With them, my pet is in the best hands.

Abhinav Sharma

"Amazing Result"

Amazing response and result. My pet’s behavior changed drastically in a positive sense after a few online vet consultations with Dr. Anirudh Mittal.

Ankit Garg

Ask a Vet Online at ₹200

Schedule your online veterinary consultation today and come join our family of 1000+ happily satisfied members. Let us serve you and make you count our strengths over other available online pet doctors.

Who Are We

Pupkitt Pet Care is a chain of pet clinics that provide top-notch quality pet care services in India to solve pet health problems that arise due to appalling management of pets and the wrong treatment given by unqualified and inexperienced persons.


We are one of the most trusted online veterinary services providers in India with a motto to make these services accessible not only in urban but rural areas as well and to make it easier and comfortable for pet parents to take care of their pets. 


In this era of digitization, online veterinary consultation has become necessary to combat the unfavorable situations that have recently arisen and to also cope-up with the busy lifestyle we have been leading lately.

We at Pupkitt put in our best efforts to bring to you a bag-full of solutions to every niche of your pet problems and to help you make them feel as healthy and happy. The combination of language of love along with expertise in our field is what makes us stand out of the que especially from veterinary doctors online.

The online consultation requires deep knowledge and understanding to receive correctly whatever is being communicated to them. We bring to the table, the latest methodology and technology to walk hand in hand with the developing time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer services for small animals or large animals?

Yes, we provide online consultation for small animals like Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Birds, Turtles & large animals which include Cattle, Buffalo, Horses.

The list doesn't only stands here, it goes on and on.

In case you have some other fur baby except these. Just ping us and we will be more than happy to serve you.

How much does an online veterinary consultation cost?

The online veterinary consultation at pupkitt costs ₹200 for an Audio & Whatsapp consultation while it costs ₹400 for online video consultation.

Is online vet consultation safe and reliable in India?

Yes, online vet consultation at pupkitt is completely safe and reliable as it is provided by veterinarians having more than 5+ years of clinical experience.

Can I talk to a vet online for free?

Sorry, but we don’t provide any free online vet consultation services as we have a team of doctors who are constantly working hard to provide quality pet care services and it's our duty as a brand to make sure that they are paid for their valuable time.
In case you have a general question regarding pets, you can watch our videos on Youtube (Pupkitt Pet Care) and comment your query there.

Our team will reply back to you there in 48 - 72 hours.

What time will the vets be available for online consultation?

Our vets are available between 10:30 AM - 4:30 PM from Monday - Saturday.

But in case there is an emergency, an immediate consultation can be scheduled (Subject to doctors’ availability) throughout the week.

How do I start a consultation with the vet online?

1. To start online consultation with our veterinary doctors, you first need to book an appointment with us at or you can call us at 8699300300.

2. Then Select your preferred time and date for a consultation.

3. Pay consultation fees

4. After that we will share a pre-consultation form which is to be filled by you so that our doctors can diagnose your pet properly.

5. After that our team will reach you back via call and will connect you with one of our doctors.

How can I contact the veterinary doctor for follow up questions?

We provide 2 days follow up with all our paid consultations. So pet parents can book appointments with us in advance for the next 2 days after the consultation has been completed.

In an emergency, they can also connect with us via WhatsApp chat on our registered number shared with them after consultation.

What will happen after my online vet consultation?

We will share the prescription with you so you can buy medicines online or from your nearest medical store.

You will be provided free 2 days follow-up so in case you have any doubt or any query in the next 2 days, you can reach out to us and book an appointment with us again.

Can I get a vet prescription online?

Yes, you can get prescription online from a certified veterinary doctor and purchase medicines from online pharmacies delivering across pan India.

Can online veterinarians write prescriptions?

Yes, only a certified Veterinarian can provide you prescription after proper diagnosis of your pet through online consulation.

How can I order my pet prescription online?

There are lots of online pharmacies in India such as 1Mg, Pupkart, Marshalls Pet Zone which provide online prescriptions in India. After consulting, you can easily order your prescription from pharmacy websites like these as they provide delivery services across pan India.

In which country do you offer your services?

Currently we provide our services only in India but with your love and support, soon we will be providing our services to all the pet parents around the world :)

How long does an online pet consultation last?

It lasts between 20 - 40 minutes depending on the case severity.

How can I send my feedback for the service?

In case you have any feedback regarding our services, doctors, and our support staff, please feel free to share it with us at +91 8699300300.




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