• A Usha Tejaswy

Dog Feeding Fundamentals: Things You Can Feed To Your Dog

The most common question pet parents ask their vet is "What should I feed my dog?"

Feeding your dog a well-balanced and nutritious diet is most vital for its healthy growth and wellbeing.

As dog owners, we want the absolute best for our pups to provide them with long, happy life, and this starts with feeding them balanced, healthy meals. Dog’s bodies, like humans, are unique. What’s best for your dog can be completely different than what’s best for someone else’s dog.

To understand this, the pet owners should understand their nutritional requirements, and how these dietary needs change throughout the lifespan of your fur kid.

In this blog, we have a quick guide for pet owners who have this question in mind. Take a few minutes out to read these guidelines.

Puppies to adult dogs - their dietary needs

When choosing which food to feed, as a pet parent, it is important that you understand the nutritional needs of your dog and how they may differ from other dogs.

A new puppy needs food specifically formulated for young, growing pups. Or if you have a dog on the small or large end of the spectrum there will be a specific formula more suited to your dog’s dietary needs.

Mentioned are the factors to be considered when looking out for the nutritional needs of your dog.

  1. Age

  2. Breed and size

  3. Lifestyle - Active or inactive

  4. Other health conditions like allergies may need any additional supplements.

Can I feed my dog what we eat?

Unfortunately, no! Typical Indian household food is made spicy and loaded with masalas and herbs. Feeding this may upset its digestive tract.

Are home-cooked dog meals healthy?

Preparing healthy, nutritious food from scratch is a sure shot way to know that your canine buddy is getting all the best stuff into its mouth.

Many dogs with allergies, skin conditions, or any gastrointestinal problems respond well to the home-cooked diet. Getting away from such maladies will help him stop any behavioral issues too. This way you and your dog can enjoy each other's company.

Included is a list of some good ingredients that you can feed your dog.

  • Lean chicken or turkey, skinless and boneless

  • Beef - grounded or cubed

  • Most fish - including tuna and salmon

  • Eggs - in any form, scrambled, poached, or hard-boiled.

Please bear in mind a few things when feeding these/ones of these to your paw friend.

  1. Always make sure that eggs & fish are fully cooked and cooled.

  2. Any meat with excessive salt & masalas shouldn’t be fed.

I am a Vegetarian. Can dogs be vegetarians?

‘Yes’ – we can raise dogs on a vegetarian diet. We know that most Indians are Vegetarians and would like to raise their pet's vegetarian.

Worry not, there are many vegetarian options too.

  • Cheese - avoid any spicy versions

  • Nearly all vegetables - steamed, like carrots, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.(No onions and garlic, please)

  • Lettuce and other leafy greens

  • Whole cooked grains

  • Organic Peanut butter

  • Milk, paneer, and plain curd