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Toilet Training For Dogs

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

You just got a four legged friend recently and he is messing it all around with his poo and pee, then you need to continue reading.

Toilet training starts the very first day you brought him to his new home. As he is new here he will explore the house by sniffing here and there, trying to memorize the whole area with his nose.

So, after a few minutes he is feeling hungry and you decided to shower your love by spoon-feeding him. Just after finishing the meal he decides to return the favor by showering his love on your lap in form of poo and pee, you are now wondering why is it like, he always decides to lose some weight just after having his meal? Well, the answer to this is below.

You must have heard some people don't get the urge to poo in the morning unless they have a cup of tea, coffee, or water. If no, don't worry you need to interact with more people.

This is because, when the tea gets down from your mouth to the stomach, it starts a wave-like movement in your food pipe, which is responsible for moving the food from mouth to stomach. That wave-like movement in the food pipe is called a peristaltic movement, which continues to the intestine and then anus. Then finally you get the urge to poo. This is what happens with your four legged friends. As soon as he eats something then he will feel the urge and then will poo.

Here is something very peculiar about the dogs. They have the tendency to poo at the same place again and again. So even if you have cleaned the area, he will sniff, find the place, and will do the poo there only.

Here are some steps you need to follow.

Mob the floor with a diluted phenyl solution

Take 20 30 ml of concentrated phenol in a bucket of water then mop the floor with that water. This will help in removing the smell of the poo for you friend. If again he is able to find that same spot then you need to add more phenyl.

Just after the meal, take your dog to the place where you want him to poo on regular basis. Remember you can't take your friend out for a walk until he is of 3 months or his vaccination is complete. So until then, you will have to fix a particular spot in the home where you want him to poo.

If he is not doing it at a new place, then bring him back to the previous place and try to make him poo on a piece of paper or a newspaper. This piece of paper or cloth is a bullseye for your friend. Don't throw this piece just remove the solid waste material. You can use it to give your friend the direction to poo at a particular place.

Never change the place abruptly, he may get confused. Suppose if he used to do the poo at one corner of the room, put this piece of paper or cloth to another corner, then near the gate, then outside the gate, and slowly to the target area. In this way, you can reach the desired area.

Training the dog is a slow process, you need to repeat the above exercise number of times in order to make him understand. He is going to test your patience so be ready to make him get on your nerves.


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