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Things to keep in mind when giving bath to your pet

Have you ever wondered what makes your pet so uncomfortable when he hears you saying bathing time?

Or Did he run around the house making you the Tom and himself being the Jerry?!

If yes, then you need to understand what is so uncomfortable about bathing.

The very first bath of your little pooch is very important, as it will decide whether he is going to love, or hate the bathing time for the rest of his life.

You need to care about few things and make the experience for him as pleasant as possible.

Gentle handling

Never be too tough with him, otherwise be ready to play Tom & Jerry with him. And your pet is inherited to be good at it.

Select the time when it's neither too hot nor too cold.

If he is already uncomfortable with the environment, then how can we expect him to Co operate during the bathing routine. So make sure the environmental temperature suits him the best....

Water temperature is the key

Next time before bathing, put few drops on the back side of your hand. It shouldn't feel too cold or hot. Lukewarm water should always be used for the bathing routine.

Keep the candies handy

This is an another way to make him like the routine. Give some of his favourite candies while giving him a bath. This will make him feel rewarded and he will eventually like the process.

Drying - the final step

After bathing, never leave your pet as such to get dried by himself. This will make him feel cold and eventually make your him sick. So everytime you give him bath, make sure to dry him well

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