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Bread Dough

Sometimes a staple diet of your pet and sometimes a token of love for the stray dogs during morning walks. Easily available in the market, and today in multiple variations. But do our pets really need bread dough in their daily diet?! Lets find out! Yeast have been used from centuries by the brewers and bakers. Today, the products having yeast have been included in our daily life to a extend that we cant imagine our life with it, like cakes, breads, burgers, pav bhaji and the list is endless. You sometime prefer to give bread to your dog/cat, as it is easily available and ready to use. But its not healthy for them. Bread Dough is easily accepted by the medium sized breeds. The environment of the stomach is warm and moist which act as a microwave oven and help the yeast to multiply within the dough through a process called fermentation. Then the dough expands to a extend that it not just fills the stomach but make the stomach to expand with itself. Expanded stomach put pressure on the lungs and heart. In rare cases the pressure is increased to a level that it stops the blood coming from heart to the body, and the pet collapse suddenly leading to his death. Fermentation process leads to alcohol production in stomach which gets absorbed into blood and then animal show nervous signs. In some cases pet will try to vomit but will not be able to. Extreme cases can have seizures and tremors also.

What you can do at home?!

Recent cases should be made to vomit. Prepare a concentrated salt solution (mix as much salt to the water as possible). Inject the water into the mouth through syringe. Your pet will vomit in a few minutes. Give cold water to drink. Cold water will decrease the temperature of stomach which will slow down the multiplication of yeast. Now visit to a vet as soon as possible.!


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