Our Services

Preventive Medicine Veterinary Services

"Prevention is better than cure"

We provide a wide range of preventive care services that include:-

- Vaccination 
- ‌Deworming 
‌- Nutrition counseling
‌- Client education

Treating Common Medical Concerns

We provide a wide range of preventive care services that include:-

- Vomition

-‌ Diarrhea
‌- Skin Problems (Fungal,
   Bacterial, Parasitic,
   Allergic, Hormonal or
‌- Respiratory Problems
‌- Urinary tract infection

Surgical Services

- Canine & Feline Castration

-‌ Canine & Feline

‌- Skin lumps
‌- Digit/Limb Amputation
‌- Bladder stone removal
‌- Cesarean section
-‌ Tumor removal

General Procedures

- Bathing
- Nail trimming
- Ear cleaning
‌- Maggot wound treatment
‌- Cystic/Pus cavity removal

Diagnostic & Laboratory Procedures

"Our in house laboratory is fully equipped to provide various tests."

Proper diagnosis is essential when it comes to treating your pet. 

Following are the various tests:

- Blood cell counts
‌- Blood Biochemistry 
-‌ Endocrine Testing
-‌ Microscopic Evaluation
‌- Ear Endoscopy

Dental Care

"Always remember your dog is a carnivorous animal but it's domestication lead to the dental problems"

We provide preventive care, cleaning, and polishing. 

Bringing your pet for regular dental check-ups can greatly improve their quality of life.

Always remember to use a dog toothpaste and brush.

Behavior consultation and modification

"Disciplined Dog is a Blessing"

It is very important to train your dog so that adapt well with his owner. We have our own specialized and experienced trainers to help your dog to be disciplined.

Dog Hostel

Planning for a vacation or a weekend trip?

Feel free to contact us. We provide the best stay for your pet with the best diet.

Pet Pharmacy

We carry a full line of medication for the treatment of your pet, that include Antibiotics, antiallergics, NSAIDs, steroids, vitamins & mineral supplements, Shampoos & fur cleaners, flea & tick control, etc

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Hours of Operation

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